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Version 2.7 is out! This version has been updated for iOS 7 and adds bugs fixes and performance improvements. A new sales "inspiration" area is included with twice daily updated content to help you stay on top of the latest developments in selling.


Adaptive Sales Coach will help you sell more! Profiling prospects can give you a distinct edge over the competition.

Adaptive Sales Coach is the first mobile iPhone and iPad sales App to coach you to sell better in the business to business sales area. Using our patent pending method, Adaptive Sales Coach will help you to profile your prospects and give you individualized coaching advice based on your own selling style directly to your iPhone or iPad. Adaptive Sales Coach goes beyond simple task and contact management towards a system that provides you with insight on how to sell to your prospect in a smarter way. This is a ground breaking iPhone and iPad business App that will make you and your sales team more successful, and all for the price of a single cup of coffee--no monthly subscriptions or additional costs.

Adaptive Sales Coach iPhone and iPad sales app will revolutionize how you think about your prospects by providing you with sophisticated insight into their personality, and quick access to vital information that will help you sell better and close more deals. Click to learn more...